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I Don’t Know Why, But I Feel Like Buying

14 Apr

The secret's in the scent

If you have a retail store, a hotel, spa, or other business location, you have a significant chunk of coin you need to lay out each month in overhead. So, if you are any kind of business person, you must be constantly wracking your brain, trying to figure out how to squeeze more money out of what you have. Should you change your merchandise, your display, give your staff a pep talk? Should you advertise more, use social media more or have a sale? Believe it or not, one of the most effective things you can do to boost sales, increase repeat business and bind customers more closely with your store and its products is to use scent.

Scent is the only sense that bypasses the logical, price comparison part of the brain and goes directly to the emotion and memory centers. What is the main trigger for buying consumer goods? That’s right – it is emotion. Do these pants make me look fat? (insecurity) Beer commercials (desire to be cool and sexy) BMW- there is no substitute (prestige) and the list goes on…

Scent is uniquely effective in making consumers linger in your store, spending more money. It subconsciously communicates that your products are of a higher quality or more suitable for your needs, and it puts people in a buying mood. Furthermore, adding scent to your environment is an affordable way to boost your sales. Just get a cold air diffuser or two and the fragrance oil and you are ready to go.

You can learn more about how using scent can improve your sales and brand at the upcoming ScentWorld Expo, December 7-9 in Miami Beach. Hope to see you there.

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