Yes, Blogs Really Work. Here’s Proof…

10 Oct

If you have a small business or provide professional services like accounting, financial advising or legal representation, you may have read that you “must” have a blog. Maybe you thought that writing all those blog posts was a waste of time that would be better spent, well, doing business. While it is true that blogging is a long term strategy and is a less direct way of marketing your product or service, it does actually work.

Hubspot recently did a study on small businesses and found that those with blogs generate 55% more traffic to their websites than similar businesses without blogs. Not only that, but they also got almost double the number of inbound links to their sites and over four times the number of indexed pages, increasing the likelihood of getting found on the search engines. Check out the research for yourself.

So, if you don’t have a blog, get one. Regardless of your type of business, there is something you can write about. Have a clothing store? Write about the latest fashions. Have a restaurant? Give recipes and write about the type of food you serve. Have a law practice? Write about the law and people’s rights and responsibilities.

But what if you are a professional and charge hundreds of dollars per billable hour? Does it still make sense to spend valuable time blogging? Yes, and no. It still makes sense to blog, but it may be smarter to contract out your blogging to someone else. If you provide your information and research to a qualified professional writer, she should be able to write blog posts on your behalf. Just be sure that the ghost blogger is aware of any regulatory or industry restrictions. For example, state Bar Associations forbid lawyers to use advertising, including websites and blogs, to boast of past successes or promise positive results to prospective clients. Financial advisors must obtain approval from FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) before publishing any blog posts. If you don’t dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s,” you could be in hot water.


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