Hello, honey!

12 Jul

Welcome to the Pro Creative Buzz, your way to stay on top of hot marketing topics and trends. I am your moderator, Jennifer Dublino. First, a little bit about me. Then I hope you will reciprocate by telling me all about you and your business, since the idea is to create a community where we can all discuss what’s working and what can work for you.

I have been in love with marketing since college. It is part psychology, part problem solving, part analysis and part art. I am fascinated with the idea that, as businesspeople, we can (and must!) delve into our prospects’ brains, find out what their problem is, and give them a solution, even before they have themselves identified the need. Not only that, but now that we have a solution to their need, we need to discover their emotions, desires, fears and objections and use them in an artful, creative way to produce the desired action.

I have worked on some amazing projects, like promoting Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s first ever theme cruises, writing and directing a video starring 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, coming up with online systems to sell financial services, writing blogs, white papers and other valuable content to position clients as experts in their industries, and rebranding a line of herbal wellness tonics.

What I hope to accomplish with the Pro Creative Buzz is to exchange some valuable information with those leading the future of business. By that, I mean the rise of the small and micro-business. In the time of the great industrial giants, Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie, capital was king. So if you had access to large amounts of capital, the time was ripe to make a fortune. This business model was terrific for some, but left the vast majority in the dust (or on the factory floor, as the case may be). Now, capital is less important because the tools to reach large groups of people and to influence their behavior are available to anyone with access to a computer that is connected to the Internet.

According to Universal Mccann International, a major ad firm, there are 184 million people blogging, with roughly 27% of them really doing it in a serious way, to influence people’s opinions and change people’s perceptions and behavior. This means that the number of people who are trying to basically change the world through only the single medium of blogging is equivalent to the population of the 24th largest nation in the world. (This information courtesy of John Blossom, founder and author, Content Nation, www.contentnation.com, as quoted in the Social Media Bible.)

So we take the amazing capabilities of becoming publishers of information, whether it is text, photos, videos, or some other medium, and we combine it with the worldwide financial crisis, in which millions of people have lost their regular, nine to five office jobs. Many economists predict that a majority of those jobs will never come back. What are these millions of people to do? Sit on the couch watching soap operas all day? Hardly. They are using the technology and starting micro-businesses.

But while the Internet gives us unprecedented opportunities, the mad rush to its digital shores also gives us almost unfathomable competition. It is helping these intrepid entrepreneurs and small businesses keep their heads above water and begin to gather to them those prospects, alliances and customers who want and need their unique information, products and services that I have chosen to make my life’s work.

So I invite you to come with me on this fascinating journey through the new and old, the tools and strategies, the just plain coolest stuff out there. I’ll help you sift out what will work for you and why, and once again, I urge you to make this a two-way thing. I want to hear about you and your experiences so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself. 🙂


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